Update and upcoming shows!

Hey all! Thanks for all the well wishes and congrats on me getting back on my bass again! For those of you asking about me making my return with Nashville Pussy, this is what I know now. I’m rocking these few gigs with Eric McFadden to get back out there, and it will give me an idea of where I stand physically as far as playing. At that point it’ll be easier to determine if I can join Nashville¬†Pussy for the upcoming tour, or at least part of it. Given that playing my bass, performing, and touring are 3 different beasts when it comes to the endurance it requires and toll it can be on your body, I just have to take it little by little before I can really say much for sure. Thanks to all of you for your continued support! Its been really encouraging to kick some ass to get back out there!;) im excited to ROCK! Merry Holidays and bitchin New Years to everyone!



Catch me at one these upcoming gigs with Eric McFadden:

12/28/12. – Taos, NM @ Old Martina’s Hall

12/29/12 – Albuquerque, NM @ Low Spirits

12/31/12 – Denver, CO @ Quixote’s True Blue